Art Seeks Wisdom

The Incubator in the Historic Village in Tauranga
10 May until 1 June 2024

"Art Seeks Wisdom in a multitude of voices features a collection of striking portraits by artist Cordula Taiwo whose works invite you to experience the profound impact of everyday heroes and engage in meaningful conversations.
This captivating collection is each a tribute to individuals who navigate life's complexities with unwavering integrity, dedication, and a profound impact that often goes unnoticed. These individuals weave the fabric of our communities with their everyday acts of compassion, resilience, and unwavering spirit. " Simone Anderson, Director of the Incubator in Tauranga.

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Simone further says,“ We are thrilled about this groundbreaking exhibition that combines inspiring philosophies, personal values, and vivid portraits of renowned figures on canvas. We also need to praise Cordula Taiwo, the artist, for her commitment to celebrating these icons and her charitable efforts within the community.

Beyond the canvas, each artwork comes alive with an accompanying audio recording.
In these recordings, the individuals share insights into their lives, experiences, and perspectives, offering a deeper understanding of their values and aspirations. Visitors can access the recordings via QR codes, using their mobile devices.

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The artist’s expression draws inspiration from Humans of New York (HONY), Alain de Botton: Making complex ideas accessible and fostering empathy through emotional intelligence and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Challenging singular narratives and embracing the multifaceted tapestry of human experiences.

Introducing the Individuals Who Inspire Us:

A diverse group of 12 individuals from across Aotearoa are featured in the exhibition, including:

Dr. Glenn Colquhoun: Poet and general practitioner, weaving together healthcare and cultural understanding.

Vincent Vuillard: Ted X speaker and business leader promoting purpose, transparency, and ethical practices.

Bobby Ketu: Kaihautu Māori and former Deputy Principal fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for students.

Dr. Claudia Rozas Gomez: Igniting the spark of imagination and fostering meaningful learning at Auckland University.

Benny Marama: Founder of IĒNA PASIFIKA, empowering Pasifika youth to tell their authentic stories.

Dr. Megan Alderson: Veterinarian advocating for mental health and a sustainable profession.

Sophie Garth: Makeup artist and advocate for sustainable and ethical practices in the beauty industry.

Cecily Horne: Retired pharmacist and pickleball player, reminding us to embrace individuality and celebrate meaningful connections.

Mary Woods: Principal of Matahui School, prioritising child-centered learning and fostering meaningful connections within the community.

Kirsty Maxwell Crawford: CEO Poutiri, dedicated to Māori health workforce development and mental health advocacy.

Dr. Donald McMenamin: Counsellor emphasising self-awareness and compassion in mental health support.

Krista Riddell: Chiropractor embodying patience, warmth, and gentle care in her practice.

Beyond viewing art, this exhibition invites visitors to reflect on their own values, the power of quiet strength, to appreciate the impact individuals can have through their everyday actions and recognise the unsung heroes who inspire us with their unwavering commitment to their communities.

Twenty percent of proceeds from the sale of paintings will be donated to Live for More, supporting individuals and families in Tauranga.

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Megan Anderson wearing headphones

The Vet

The mixed media portrait of Dr Megan Alderson displays our need to sustain mental and physical health, while being of service as a veterinarian.

In Megan's words Pause audio
The queen on a blue horse

The Royal Blues

The full title of this piece is ‘The royal blues hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.’ This alludes to the dignity and integrity with which the Queen conducted her affairs. Yet, it also…

Listen to how Cordula feels about the Queen's passing. Pause audio
Dr. Glenn Colquhoun raising a pou with shadows of a flock of birds on a black background.

The Story Doctor

The acrylic portrait of beloved NZ poet and general practitioner Glenn Colquhoun highlights the importance of good healthcare and a shared remembering in a thriving diverse and bi-cultural society.

In Glenn's words Pause audio
Benny as Ultra Magnus

B like Ultra Magnus

Benny Marama runs a Pasifika-focused theatre programme in the Waikato called IĒNA PASIFIKA which aims to activate youth and enable them to tell their own stories honestly and authentically. While…

In Benny's words Pause audio
Mary Woods

Mary's World

Mary Woods is the principal of Matahui School, a school so rare that it is almost hidden in plain sight between Tauranga and Waihi in Aongatete. Here, a child can be a child, free range in a…

Mary's words Pause audio
Cecily Horne

Playing the Blue Ball

Cecily Horne fades into the background these days. Just like the serpent of Epidaurus
on Aesculapius’ staff on the left side of her chair is hard to see in the painting. Blink and you miss it. Look…

In Cecily's words Pause audio
a chiropractor, seated, with flowers instead of a mouth

The Chiropractor

The acrylic portrait of a seated Krista Riddell on a chiropractic bed is a meditaitve response to the patience, warmth and gentle assertiveness chiropracters have to bring to their profession. …

Listen to the story Pause audio
A man dressed in a Kimono with a calligraphy text of "hear no evil".

The Counsellor

The mixed media portrait of Dr Donald McMenamin seeks to show just how much we need a healthy self aware and humane counselling community.

In Donald's words Pause audio
A young man hitting a baseball bat at three "wise" monkeys.

The Future Man

The mixed media portrait shows Vincent Vuillard clearing all the bases and transforming the future of work to make way for more purpose, delivery and equity in our organisations.

In Vincent's words. Pause audio
painting of Kirsty Maxwell

The Health Executive

Kirsty Maxwell Crawford is the CEO of Poutiri and she is dedicated to Māori health workforce development and mental health advocacy. Kirsty loves her mahi and feels blessed as this is part of her…

In Kirsty's words Pause audio
painting of Bobby Ketu

The Kaitiaki

The mixed media portrait of the Deputy Principal / Tumuaki Kaitiriwa / Kaitiaki Bobby Ketu depicts elements that make for a positive place of belonging and a safe learning environment. Bobby embodies…

In Bobby's words Pause audio
The lecturer sitting under her ancestral night sky. Her mouth is taken away and replaced by the word "wonder' in brail.

The Lecturer

The acrylic portrait of Dr. Claudia Rozas Gomez celebrates the human spirit and the importance of imagination for meaningful learning to take place in education. 

Listen to the story Pause audio

The Makeup Artist

Sophie Garth is beautiful and she makes other people feel beautiful. Yet, the world of beauty entrepreneurs is way more complex than you would think. How dare a young woman from Tauranga advocate…

In Sophie's words Pause audio