My Pepeha

Cordula Taiwo

Cordula grew up ‘free range’ in a small town in Germany and she studied Philosophy and Japanology at the University of Hamburg. Gaining scholarships, she studied the Japanese language, culture, art and philosophy in Japan, where she led a monastic life and completed her Masters in Buddhist Philosophy.   Visiting a friend in New Zealand, Cordula experienced the ‘kiwi way’, trained as a high school teacher and has been in education ever since. Cordula is a self taught artist whose creative practice has evolved into her ikigai. She enjoys the freedom painting offers and explores different media, viewpoints and techniques. Cordula and her husband live in Tauranga.


To me, art is what faith is to Nick Cave. ‘A journeying away from scepticism, away, to something else that is powerful’ within my imagination and my creativity.

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It is an act of generosity that transcends artist, subject, and canvas. It dances through light and connects with whoever has the ability to relate to this journeying. It is done in good faith and it is essentially a force for good.

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That, to me, is art.

It offers the possibility of a communion which requires the best of our humanity and our humility. It requires an act of faith.

Whenever I move within this flow I feel fully alive and at peace and I hope you enjoy some of the results.

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